From Black To Blue


An exciting opportunity is here to access a training program to build a career in the natural gas utility and pipeline business.  The training is free, companies are hiring and the careers are rewarding.

Current class started January 8th at the Armstrong County Industrial Development Council in Freeport, PA.  Upcoming sessions include February 12th at Belmont College in St. Clairsville, OH; April 16th at the Armstrong County Industrial Development Council in Freeport, PA. 

This new, targeted training program for displaced coal workers and others in the Appalachian region will introduce participants to natural gas utility and pipeline operations careers and enable them to become stronger candidates for jobs.

The Natural Gas Utility & Pipeline Field Skills Training Program is 4 week of blended classroom and hands-on training that improves employability by providing a basic understanding and awareness of natural gas, the natural gas utility and pipeline industry.  This program was designed by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in collaboration with and delivered at training venues in southwestern Pennsylvania and southeastern Ohio.  Key program attributes include:

  • Pre-employment training program to introduce participants to natural gas pipeline careers.
  • Potential candidates include displaced coal workers (targeted group), veterans, high school graduates, and other displaced workers looking for an attractive, well-paying career.
  • The program is funded by a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), so it is tuition-free for participants.
  • Starting salaries can exceed $50,000 and depending on skills and career path can lead to six-figure compensation.
  • Jobs are currently available with utilities, midstream and their contractors.  Industry activity replacing old lines and building out new pipelines is very robust and workforce is in demand.
  • The last day of the class includes a graduation celebration and job fair with potential employers.

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